Offering You Our Expertise in Building Athletic Facilities

Feasibility and Economic Impact

It is no secret that investing in athletic facilities requires large expenditures in both time and money. At the conceptual level of any project, it is important to gather all the available information to adequately gauge how successful the venue will be and what the overall impact on the community will be.

It is the goal of Sports Consulting Group, LLC to develop accurate and realistic projections and expectations and coordinate them with the overall design and construction budgets so that costs can be minimized and revenue maximized.

Master Planning and Facility Assessments

We believe that the greatest benefit a consultant can bring to an athletic facility development project is to make the owner as strong as possible throughout the process and ensure that the user’s needs are translated into reality. These goals are achieved by providing the client with all of the requisite information and technical advice necessary to make decisions quickly and confidently by incorporating all of the related constituent groups into the decision-making process, and by executing the owner’s agenda with efficiency and minimal demand on the client’s valuable time.

Sports Consulting Group, LLC evaluates site alternatives regarding their market responsiveness, impact on the facility program, political acceptability, and cost implications in order to recommend the optimal project locations and orientations.

Surface Selection Consulting

In a world with continually changing athletic facility surface options, our more than 20 years of experience in athletic facility design and construction is an invaluable resource to facility developers and owners. Sports Consulting Group, LLC compares and evaluates all potential surfacing options and makes recommendations based on the level of use, cost, and longevity of the system. It is our goal to match the best surface with the ability of the facility operator, the needs of the athletes, and the ability to maximize revenue.

Civil Engineering Design

Sports Consulting Group, LLC is a licensed, full-service civil engineering design firm that specializes in athletic facility design. In reality, athletic facility design is all we do. With more than 20 years of experience in the design and construction of athletic facilities, we believe that we have picked up a few tricks along the way. Sports Consulting Group, LLC continuously researches the existing products available and monitors the “Rules of the Game” to ensure that the facilities are designed and constructed to the proper recommendations of the appropriate governing body.

Construction and Project Management

Not only do we design athletic facilities, but our staff has hands-on experience in the construction of athletic facilities. It is important that the facility developer or owner is assured that the construction techniques employed on the project are proper and will deliver the highest possible quality. Sports Construction is an art, and it takes an experienced and dedicated contractor to deliver a safe and playable surface.

No consultants can claim our specific construction related experience. With over 100 projects under our collective experience, it is our goal to utilize our experience to ensure that not only is the surface correct, but what is underneath is correct.


Numerous existing athletic facilities suffer from a variety of reasons. Sports Consulting Group, LLC’s extensive experience in all aspects of athletic facility design and construction gives facility operators an invaluable tool in determining what the problems are and how best to resolve those problems through cost-effective remediation. Whether it is a natural grass or synthetic turf issue, we can find the problem and offer the best solution.