At the world's greatest sporting events, the athletes take center stage. We provide the stage.

We create plans and designs needed for the construction of athletic facilities. To accomplish this, we have a talented group of professionals with extensive experience in facility planning and designing.

Creating the Perfect Designs for Your Sports Facilities

At Sports Consulting Group, LLC in Murrells Inlet, SC, we offer our services as unique civil engineering design consultants for our clients. For more than 20 years, our team has designed various top-notch sports structures. We comprise of professionals with extensive experience in facility planning, design, construction, and usage. Together, we strive to keep building the best athlete infrastructures.

An Effective System

To ensure that effective service, we develop programs for facility maintenance. We provide our team with specific training on the proper methods needed to apply this for each project we undertake. By utilizing the techniques we learned, we can plan and design sports facilities while minimize costs and maximizing use and potential revenue.

Practical Designs

At our company, we strive to be practical as we develop projects. We provide cost-effective solutions through proper engineering. This is especially helpful for locations with difficult existing conditions or strict stormwater permitting issues.

We also make an effort to maximize our owner’s investment with our company. To achieve that, we develop revenue models, operational budgets, and usage studies for athletic facilities that our team is working on.

The design and construction of sports facilities we work on vary in scope. Our projects range from the Ripken Myrtle Beach Experience to collegiate stadium fields such as the Eck Baseball Stadium at the University of Notre Dame.